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Coir Association Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and Exporters of Coir Fibre Products, Spices & Coconut Milk Products.

Tel: 0094-774241786 / 0094-766089456
skype: liyanagea23
If your are intrested in Coir Fibre Products, Spice & Coconut Milk Products the right place you should come is Coir Association Pvt Ltd.
For about 18 Years we have been doing coustomer heart winning busisness worldwide.

Coir Fibre Products
  • Coir Yarn (General Purpose)
  • Coir Twine (Hop Wine Cultivation)
  • Coir Log (Erosion Control) 
  • Coir Pot (Planting)
  • Coir Mat (General Purpose)
  • Coir Mattress (Bedding)
  • Coir Net (Erosion Control)
  • Coir Brush (Cleaning, for Brooms)
  • Coir Pads with Rubber Latex (Insulation)
  • Coir Husk Chips (Cultivation)
  • Coir Coco Peat (Agriculture)
  • Coir Bristle Fibre (Production of Brushes)
  • Coir Twisted Fibre (Production of Brushes)
  • Coir Decorating Products (Any Colour)
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